Christa Nahhas, General Manager

Christa NahhasChrista Nahhas, General Manager
Christa Nahhas has over 12 years of experience in the IT industry, first specializing in accounting software before broadening her scope to IT/network solution management. Active in her local community, she works closely with small businesses to provide a wide range of technology solutions. Christa also acts as a trainer and consultant, guiding educators, students and professionals in the proper use of technology as a safe, effective tool in the classroom and office. She has developed Braingears, a new educational initiative from RM Consulting, to meet the  ever growing demands of technology in the the 21st century classroom.

Christa is an educator and staff trainer at Kirk O’ the Valley school ( She is the CFO and technical advisor for Habit Forming Films, LLC. (, an independent multimedia production company. She serves on the board of the nonprofit organization, Girls in Power (, where she is also an educator. In addition, Christa is a member of the Westlake Village Rotary.