What is Braingears?

We’re so glad you asked….

Braingears is an cutting-edge initiative of RM Consulting Services, LLC designed to bridge the gap between education and technology. RM Consulting Services sees technology as an integral cornerstone to modern education — for children, parents, and educators.

Braingears is for kids. And their parents.

There’s no denying the importance and influence of technology in today’s world. Preparing children to enter into modern society means developing a deeper, more sophisticated understanding of technology — one that is not often taught in the classroom… and thus often has no discernible educational standard.

Braingears blends technology and education by establishing a hands-on curriculum that reinforces a group-learning atmosphere. This unique, project-based environment has been specially designed to accommodate the varied levels of technological education among children and parents alike.

Braingears offers the resources and expertise to create a strong, safe, and secure technological foundation for children’s development and education.

Safety, Support and Connectivity - three elements at the heart of Braingears.

Braingears is for educators.

In addition to child education, Braingears establishes a powerfully connected, networked environment. In short, we build your IT learning environment. And we don’t stop there.

Braingears believes that technology is a strong ally in modern education. We don’t just teach children, we train staff and educators to utilize this cutting edge IT learning environment to provide a better, more well-rounded, 21st century educational experience.

Braingears provides educational consulting in the following areas:

  • Hardware/Software Implementation
  • Staff training
  • Website Utility and Maintenance
  • Cyber safety for Kids, Parents and Teachers
  • Project Based Technology Curriculums:
  • Including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Blogging, Video Production/Editing,
  • Desktop Publishing, Technology Seminars for Hardware, Graphics Programs,
  • Basic Website Design, Outlook, OneNote

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